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Stainless steel as the ideal material for mechanical engineering

Particularly in mechanical engineering, it is important that the material used is weldable, durable and requires only a minor amount of maintenance. Stainless steel meets all of those requirements.
What makes it so remarkable is its rust-proof character, plus the fact that it actually even repairs itself.
It independently forms a passive layer that provides protection against oxidation.

The excellent formability of stainless steel enables it to be used individually in the construction planning of plants, machines and ships. Stainless steel is unsurpassed in terms of stability and hardness. It has a low tendency to elastic deflection and thus enables the construction of machines and systems that are dimensionally stable and can withstand a variety of external forces.

At Böllinghaus Steel, we produce high-quality steel profiles that can withstand the heavy-duty environments of industrial plants, ships and machinery. In our own plant in Portugal, we roll and form high-quality steel profiles in accordance with international standards and in the desired grades, dimensions and processing techniques. Consistent customer orientation and assurance of maximum quality are the underlying guidelines of our commitment.