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High-quality stainless steel profiles for the architecture - and construction industry

Steel profiles have become an integral part of modern architecture and no material has shaped modern architecture more than steel. It provides architects with a wide range of design options to implement their specific ideas and visions.
At Böllinghaus Steel we produce steel profiles that meet the highest architectural and structural standards.

Steel is still unsurpassed in terms of stability and hardness. Its low tendency to elastic deflection enables the construction of structures that appear light, open and transparent. In addition to its extreme stability, steel is also defined by its high corrosion resistance and longevity. And it is also particularly sustainable, as it can be recycled again and again without losing its quality.

Our stainless steel profiles give architects and planners a great deal of creative freedom. Like almost no other material, stainless steel accompanies us in our everyday lives and has become indispensable in the implementation of great architectural ideas. Because building with steel gives you versatility and flexibility in combination with low costs.