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There are many good reasons to consider polished stainless steel profiles for numerous areas of application. In the architectural sector as well as in other visually displayed applications, the appearance of stainless steel is an important design element. An unfavourably chosen finish can change the desired effect. Polished stainless steel profiles are often used in the field of handrail construction, in the furniture industry and in shipbuilding. In commercial systems, such as those in institutional kitchens, restaurants and hospitals, polished material helps to enhance the feeling of cleanliness and hygiene.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of polished stainless steel, there are a number of important functionalities that are created by properly prepared stainless steel surfaces. In the area of sanitation, polished stainless steel not only looks appealing, but also enables easy cleaning and maintenance. Especially in aggressive environments, a smooth surface enables improved corrosion resistance and a favourable decontamination reaction.

A smooth and even surface is less susceptible to the accumulation of deposits that could lead to selective corrosion. In particularly aggressive environments, such as those of the offshore and marine industries, a properly polished stainless steel surface establishes better corrosion resistance than a surface that is not polished. A number of abrasive belts are used to create the decorative polished finish that is commonly found in restaurant and kitchen appliances, ovens and refrigerators. Basically, a polishing process improves the appearance of stainless steel, reduces surface roughness as well as the accumulation of deposits on the surface, and facilitates the cleaning process.
Böllinghaus Steel offers a wide range of surface treatments for long products of various shapes.
We would be happy to advise you when it comes to our polishing service, because your requirement is our motivation.

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